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Drone Pilot Accused of Being a Pedophile, Handles it Like a Pro

This article on Petapixel is a great reminder to all drone pilots that there are many out there who misunderstand what we’re doing, and classify all drones as either weapons of death and destruction, or tools to invade the privacy of others.

Throughout the entire confrontation, Hair deals with what he calls “drone paranoia” in a safe and respectable manner. Luckily, the altercation did not break out into any violence, but it is a reminder that people can get very concerned with new technology that threatens to invade their privacy – even if it is at a local public field.

“Model aircraft are not a crime. This is a public field,” says Hair. “I was testing my camera and gimbal settings on my quad and hexacopter. I fly here often, as do many others. It is a safe and wide open area to fly.”

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