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NAFPV 2015 recap. Awesome fun!

Last week the USDRA was happy to attend the North American FPV Meet in Stephentown, New York. I have to tip my hat to the NEFPV team for putting on a great event. The timeslots were managed well, the tag system for making sure FPV video channels were not being trodden upon, and the wonderful site and course made those days in the hills enjoyable, nighttime and day.

Did we have rain? Sure! But that just upped the silliness. Were there some destroyed rigs? Absolutely (including one dramatic LiPo fire!). Was there great racing? Definitely!

2015-08-16 NAFPV2015

Looking forward to flying with these guys more in the months ahead!

NAFPV2015 is Next Week!

If you’re in the New England area, or don’t mind travelling, you should totally make the trek to the great North American FPV Meet in Stephentown, NY, August 13th through 16th.

The USDRA will be there, look for the hot green T-shirts! We’ll be getting into some awesome racing actionn, but also looking forward to some great talks on race organization, communication, and planning, in addition to the high speed fun.

Boston Globe reports on USDRA August Race Day

The Globe sent out their crack reporting team to cover our event on Saturday and have just posted their report. In short, it went great!

You hear it before you see it: a high-pitched whirring that sounds like a dive bomber crossed with the world’s largest bumblebee. This past Saturday, the buzz came from the edge of a large field in Berlin, just miles from where Interstate 495 meets Interstate 290 outside of Worcester. Moments­ later, there was a loud thwack, followed a sympathetic “ooh!” from a dozen spectators.

Full story: Drone Racing Takes Off (BetaBoston, Boston Globe)

Video from Saturday’s Race

Luckyxero3 has given us a great video of a couple laps around the big course. Pilots seemed to like the longer course rather than the tight figure eight, so there was some great flying around trees and along the long straights. This was early in the day, and Luckyxero3 wasn’t quite comfortable with the course yet, so things are a little wobbly, but everyone had some great racing fun!

Thanks to all the pilots and the spectactors who came to the event, much fun was had by all!

Draft Course Layout for August 1st Race Day

USDRA August CourseThe USDRA crack staff has been hard at work designing our next race course, and we’ve decided to follow a trend among several clubs – a figure-8 variation, with an over/under gate in the center. This is a tighter course than our last event, bringing the pilots closer to their drones and focusing on maneuverability and gate handling.

We will include the option of an ‘extended’ course with a long south leg, depending on interest.

See everyone on Saturday!

Boston Globe Article on the USDRA and Drone Racing

The Boston Globe recently contacted the USDRA and interviewed us on the state of drone racing in the US, check it out!

Dave Shevett is chairman of the US Drone Racing Association, an unaffiliated group based in New England. One day, he stumbled across an FPV drone-racing video online and was hooked. Not long after, he formed the USDRA. The group is small, but has been working with clubs in the Northeast to help set guidelines.

Read the article on the Globe: The latest tech sport taking the country by storm? Drone Racing.