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  1. I run a restaurant in San Diego, and am myself getting into drone racing. I’m a member of the IDRL and have sponsored a couple of quad speed events. I’m incredibly interested in getting involved commercially and personally in the next USDRA event in San Diego.

    1. hello chris.

      I am with American Way magazine and for our december publication we are running a four page feature on drone racing. As an activist for the sport any contacts or advertising you would like to do for the sport or even your restaurant please contact me at adam.ramgeet@ink-global.com for any further questions or concerns

    2. Hi Chris
      My name is Saad , I’m a power electronics engineer with focus on power electronics. Recently i was involved in a contract to design and develop and Electronic Speed Control (ESC) for large drone system. I’m new to this industry and i’m trying to figure out who are the major players in the design and development of drone systems. I would appreciate any input you can provide

      Thank you for your time

      Best Regards

    1. Hi William. We’ve just now reconfigured the site to allow user signups and creation. Membership is open right now, so feel free to join the site and start participating in the discussions. We’ll be doing more formal Association memberships soon!

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