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Huffington Post Article on California Bill

Huffington Post interviewed the USDRA yesterday on the pending California bill:

“When people hear the word drone, the first thing they think of is camera platforms hovering over their houses … and one of our biggest challenges when we’re talking to folks is that not all drones are the same,” he said. Not all have cameras.

Shevett also pointed to the difficulty of keeping drones from accidentally crossing boundaries, especially in rural areas where the boundaries aren’t always clear.

“If one of these strays over somebody’s property line, even if it’s just going around a turn or whatnot, is that suddenly an arrestable offense?” he asked.

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Jim Moore from AOPA talks to the USDRA at NAFPV2015…

Jim Moore, associate editor at AOPA, came out to NAFPV2015 and chatted with the specwing and drone pilots there, including a nice long chat with the USDRA…

Pilots who stick to manned aircraft need not worry much about this crowd. With hundreds of hours and hundreds or thousands of dollars invested in their flying machines, the FPV race pilots were well-briefed and careful to avoid exceeding the 400-foot altitude limit (most stay very close to the ground), or allow their drones to stray out of sight. Drones operated carelessly or in ignorance of airspace regulations, or by those who just don’t care, have drawn the ire of the FAA, and conflict prevention remains a major concern of AOPA and other organizations.

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