Boston Globe Article on the USDRA and Drone Racing

The Boston Globe recently contacted the USDRA and interviewed us on the state of drone racing in the US, check it out!

Dave Shevett is chairman of the US Drone Racing Association, an unaffiliated group based in New England. One day, he stumbled across an FPV drone-racing video online and was hooked. Not long after, he formed the USDRA. The group is small, but has been working with clubs in the Northeast to help set guidelines.

Read the article on the Globe: The latest tech sport taking the country by storm? Drone Racing.

One thought on “Boston Globe Article on the USDRA and Drone Racing”

  1. Great article. It is really good to see the FPV drone racing community really taking off. This past year we have see a huge increase in the FPV drone hobby sector. Is a really fun hobby and will turn into a full fledged sponsored industry in no time!

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